About Cancer Support France Nord

Cancer Support France Nord

is a voluntary, not for profit organisation  founded in 2008 and is part of the Cancer Support France network of affiliated nonprofit associations.

We support people who live in Brittany, Normandie and the Mayenne.

Its mission is to support English speaking people, their friends and families that have been affected in some way by cancer.  The commitment of all our volunteers is to provide information, translation, emotional and practical support to enhance the quality of life for the cancer patient and their families. 

We provide training for our volunteers and encourage an environment where all individuals feel valued and respected.

We are really fortunate to have a variety of people with different skills in the group and now have 20+ trained Active Listeners / volunteers to provide support to individuals in many different ways.


Who helps run Cancer Support France Nord?

Cancer Support France Nord is run by the following committee members


President Cathy Allen
Vice President Dave Wilson
Treasurer Jean Winter
Secretary Vacant
Active Listener Coordinator Michael Cygan
Day Centre Manager Chris Prescott
Trainer Jon Clarke
Events Coordinator Christine Fox
National Conseil Rep Carol Guedalla
Satellite Liaison Peter Dickie