Auction in the Parc

Well, who would have thought it. It took quite a bit of organising, didn't it! All those splendid items, all donated, and so well displayed too. The committee sure pushed the boat out this time - from holidays and weekends away to champagne, glasses, water colours and golf clubs. I think I remember half a pig going under the hammer. That just shows the variety, you never know quite what to expect, but that's the fun of auctions.

Food was served plus drinks as well.... Good waitress service, food arrived in rather natty paper bags, most original I thought.... Handy nibbles in side, so no washing up... Note to self, good idea!!!

We were all seated in the Pavilion, every chair occupied, and with the gavel raised all were silent.... The moment we had all been waiting for had arrived... Let the scrum begin and we're off.... What am I bid for this very first item. Let's start at 15 euros said the auctioneer ... Bidding had begun fast and furious.... As the lots progressed it was apparent that it was going to be an excellent night and fundraiser for CSF... It was too, approximately 1800 euros was received that evening.... Mind you one or two of the bidders looked as if they were old hands and perhaps were auction season ticket holders.... What would we do without them!

We’d all had an enjoyable afternoon. We were lucky enough to hold our function in the beautiful grounds of the Animal Park in St Symphorien des Monts by kind invitation of the Countess... What it is to have friends who enjoy sharing their lovely gardens, thank you.... Yet another surprise was by a small orchestra who played most of the afternoon.... I'd forgotten what a brass band sounds like.... I remember it rather as everything puffing and blowing all at the same time...

So thanks to the Countess, the ever so hard working committee and those wonderful ladies who do food, Not to mention those who put their hands up during the bidding, and dug deep in the pocket, we all had a very enjoyable afternoon and evening.