Do you need our support?

Whether it is you that has been affected by cancer or a member of your family, young or old, Cancer Support France Nord is there to support you. We have an evergrowing number of 'active listeners' ready to help you.

Helping HandsWe understand what a difficult time this would be for you even if you were in an English speaking country. We know that this can feel even worse simply by the fact that you're having to deal with all of this in French.

We will help you in any way we can, be it translating your medical documents, accompanying you to your hospital appointments or just being there to talk to, in English.

You can contact us via telephone or email. If we are not there please leave a message and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Our email address: or tel:  0800240200

You can visit our Day Centre for advice and information or just a chat and a cup of tea with someone who really understands what you are going through.